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An optimal capability and special skills as a UN peacekeeping force can be obtained by building the capacity and capability of personnel through pre-deployment  training organized by PMPP TNI. The background of this is to prepare professional military personnel in the field of peacekeeping missions. Related to this, in order to support the capacity and readiness of personnel and the Main Equipment Weapon System (Alutsista), pre-deployment  training is conducted simultaneously to ensure a development  of the ability of the Task Force personnel. In order to support the development of the capabilities of the Task Force personnel and in order to gain a better training results, hence the need for an evaluation of the pre-deployment  training. This is an activity undertaken simultaneously and integrated as part of the main tasks of the PMPP TNI in this regard it’s the Directorate of Training Management.

In the first quarter of 2016, PMPP TNI has held a pre-deployment training for Engineering Company MINUSCA CAR XXXVII-C and pre-deployment training  for the International Monitoring Team (IMT). "Evaluation is essential and important in any activity associated with exercise," says the Director of Training Management PMPP TNI, Colonel (Navy) Sri Gunanto. Therefore Training Management Directorate staff is responsible for the evaluation function. Pre-test and Post-test is a a part of a series of evaluation. Test is conducted at the beginning before receiving the material which particular the United Nations and at the end of pre-deployment training  with the aim of determining the standard and valid assessment whether the soldiers are ready for peacekeeping missions.