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PMPP TNI to receive visit from IMUN 2016

On Friday November 11th 2016, PMPP TNI received the visit from Indonesian Model United Nations (IMUN) 2016. The delegation was received at the Auditorium by DCO, Col. Engkus Kuswara, S.I.P, M.Tr (Han) and staff. The agenda followed by the presentation about PMPP TNI and the involvement of Garuda contingent in peacekeeping operations. The delegation was chaired by Ms. Safira Prabawidya Pusparani where the participants… Read More

71st anniversary of the Indonesian National Defense Forces

PMPP TNI Commandant, Brigadier General Ahmad Marzuki led the ceremony of the 71st anniversary of Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) in PMPP TNI, Sentul. The ceremony was followed by the officers, NCOs, and enlisted military personnel also personnel from Task Force Konga XXIII-K / UNIFIL 2016. The theme of the anniversary is 'Together with the people TNI is strong, professional, ready to realize… Read More

Happy Independence Day

On Wednesday, August 17, 2016 PMPP military personnel held a flag ceremony at PMPP in commemoration of the 71st Indonesia Independence Day 2016. The remarks from the TNI Chief of General Staff, Vice Admiral DR. Didier Herdiawan, MPA, MBA was read by the Commandant of PMPP TNI Brigadier General Achmad Marzuki as Inspector of the ceremony. The remarks mentioned that the… Read More

TNI is making Indonesia proud in Africa

Heroic shouts echoed in Darfur, Sudan, Africa when athletes from Garuda contingents Indobatt 02 competed in the event of Sport and Cultural Festival, Wednesday (08/03/2016). The annual event is organized by the Sector West for 2 days competition in running, football and volleyball. In this event, Indobatt 02 managed to became the champion with the total of 3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze.

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The Beauty of Sharing

"Mr. Commander ... It is felt like a dream can be at a great place like this ..., It makes me want to be a soldier".

That sentence was delivered by one of children who have visited PMPP TNI this Morning. They are sons and daughters of scavengers who live in Jakarta. They were educated by voluntary agencies who pay attention to the… Read More

Indobatt Task Force contribute in Spring Festival Lebanon

The spring festival for children in southern Lebanon have arrived, thousands of people participated in the event. Some countries under the aegis of UNIFIL contingent also participated in the event organized in As Sultaniyah, Lebanon. In order to enliven the event Children Spring Festival, Capt Hayat Tegar as Head of CIMIC (Civilian Militery Coordination) Task Indobatt XXIII-J/UNIFIL represents the Task Force Indobatt participated… Read More

Indobatt win the hearts of the people of Darfur

The presence of Garuda troops in Darfur Sudan as part of a UN peacekeeping force under the aegis of UNAMID (United Nations Mission In Darfur) managed to win the hearts of local residents. In between his duty to maintain the security in Darfur region of Sudan, Garuda troops who carry out Short Range Patrol also conducting humanitarian assistance / CIMIC. On this occasion,… Read More

Task Force Company of Engineers (Task Kizi) TNI Konga XXXVII-B / Minusca Roads Along the 200 Km

(Central Africa. Thursday, March 17, 2016). Soldiers who are members of the Task Force Company of Engineers (Task Kizi) TNI Konga XXXVII-B / Minusca (Multi-Dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic) carrying out road repairs MSR-1 (Main Support Road) which is the main access connecting the Capital of Central African Republic (CAR), Bangui to Douala City Camerun, along about 200 Km.… Read More